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Clicking on the search icon in the top right of the navigation bar will bring you to the Search Criteria page. You can choose to search either Documentation or Lineage from this page. You will then choose the solution you wish to search and then type in the term you will search for.

Once you choose your options for searching, you can click the search button and then you will see the status bar.

After it is finished loading your search you will be able to see the results in the Results pane.

Once your results load you will have several options. Clicking on the blue term under the Page column will take you to the page of the HTML Frameset document the term was found in. The icons on the right hand side will take you to different destinations:

Takes you the the Solutions Details page.

Takes you to the HTML Frameset documentation for the environment.

Takes you to the page the term is located on in the HTML Frameset documentation.