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Snapshot Comparison

DOC xPress Server's Snapshot Comparison enables users with web browser access the ability to determine the differences in their SQL Server environments over time. Having the ability to compare solution items at different points in time can save a lot of time for developers and DBA's who are attempting to track down the source of either consistency or performance problems.

To access the Snapshot Comparison page, click on the Snapshot Comparison link on the top navigation bar. Once you click on it, you will be brought to the Snapshot Comparison - Setup page. On this page you will be able to set up your comparison.

Here you will set up the left and right side of the comparison. First you will choose the left and right solution. The drop down list will contain all solutions available on the server.

Once you select your solutions, you will then need to pick a left and right item. You will be able to choose from the following

  SSIS Solution

  SSAS Tabular

  SSAS MultiDimensional

  SQL Server

  SSRS Web Service

After selecting your items, you will then need to choose the version you wish to compare. The drop down list will contain all available versions to compare. You will see the root of each snapshot in the Root panes near the bottom. Right above the Compare and Reset buttons there is a checkbox for "Include Equal Objects". Once all your options are set, you can click the Compare button. The status pane will appear at the bottom.

By default the "Include Equal Objects" is unchecked. Keeping it unchecked reduces the amount of data that is pulled in for comparison.

After that has completed you will be able to view the Comparison Results. In the top right of the Comparison Results pane you will see a blue filter bar. If you did not include equal objects, then the "Equal" filter will not be usable.


Left side only items

Right side only items

Equal items

Not Equal items