Viewing Documentation

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Viewing Documentation

All of the documentation created within DOC xPress server will be made available for viewing immediately from the server. You can access the documentation for a solution from two areas, either the "Documentation" page or the page for the specific solution. Once you find the documentation you wish to view, click on it to be taken to the Document Details page.

On the Document Details page you will be able to see the Document Title, Solution Name, and the date it was created. You will also notice that when you generate documentation, it will be available in the selected format for both Developers and Business Analysts. Each available format is shown under each role type. Clicking on either RTF or Word will initiate a download of the file to your system. Once downloaded you may open the file on your system for viewing. Clicking on the HTML Frameset button will open the documentation in the current window.

Important Note:

Deleting documentation from DOC xPress Server using the Delete button currently only removes the documentation from the DOC xPress repository and not from the DOC xPress Server file system. To fully delete a DOC xPress document from both the repository and the file system, the following steps must be taken:

1.   Navigate to the Document Details page for the documentation the user is attempting to delete

2.   Take note of the URL for the documentation the user is attempting to delete. This URL should use the following pattern:

o   http://{ServerName}/DOCxPress/Documentation/Detail/{GUID1}/{GUID2}

3.   Click the "Delete" button located at the top of the Document Details page for the documentation that the user is attempting to delete

4.   Navigate to the DOC xPress Server Output folder located on the DOC xPress Server. By default, the DOC xPress Server Output folder can be found on the DOC xPress Server's file system in the following location:

o   C:\DOC xPress Server Output\

5.   Within the DOC xPress Server Output folder, find and delete the folder that's name matches {GUID1} within the URL that was noted in step 2.

An example of the HTML Frameset documentation: