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Visual Studio Extension

The Visual Studio Extension for DOC xPress server is known as the DOC xPress Metadata Query inside of Visual Studio. This extension allows for quick searching of your DOC xPress solution items, and then provides a link to view the information on the DOC xPress server page in your browser.

Important Note:

See System Requirements for further information on supported editions of Visual Studio.

When logging into the DOC xPress Server, users can click the "Read More..." link to navigate to the DOC xPress Server about page.

To install the plug in, from the DOC xPress Server about page, users will need to click the "Get the Visual Studio Extension" to start the download.

Once downloaded, extract the file and launch the VSIX installer to begin installation. Once installed, within the Visual Studio tool bar click Pragmatic Works >  DOC xPress > DOC xPress Metadata Query

This will open the welcome screen, which will prompt you to enter the Host URL for your DOC xPress server. Enter your URL and then hit Connect.

The window now changes to a search window.

Across the top of this window you will see a search bar, a filter button, and the settings button. If you need to change the URL to the Host, you will click the settings icon to do so. To search for any item, begin typing, the items matching your criteria will begin to show in the results list.

The filter button allows additional control over your search. Once you click on the filter button, a drop down of additional filters will appear that can be applied to your searches. You may also type your own filter criteria into the filter bar.

When you find the item you wish to view in the results, click the item, a "View" button will appear on the item.

Clicking the "View" button will take you that item on the DOC xPress server in your browser. You will see all available information for that item, such as lineage and data dictionaries.