In-Line Data Dictionary

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In-Line Data Dictionary

All of the documentation created within DOC xPress server will include the details of your Data Dictionary entries. The HTML Frameset documentation, however, will grant users the ability to update your Data Dictionary entries directly from within the documentation through a web browser.

Important Note:

To manage your Data Dictionary categories for editing within DOC xPress Server, use DOC xPress Professional Edition's Data Dictionary plug-in.

On the Document Details page, select an existing documentation that generated documentation utilizing the HTML Frameset format and then select the HTML Frameset as the documentation you wish to view. Clicking on the HTML Frameset button will open the documentation in the current window.

Any page within the HTML Frameset Documentation that contains at least one Data Dictionary category will also include an in-line Data Dictionary form that will allow a user the ability to update the entry(-ies) without needing to navigate to the Data Dictionary feature page.